Eileen Isagon Skyers featured as one of Willamette Week's Five Art Openings to See This Week

Eileen Isagon Skyers' show Eyes Without a Face is featured in Willamette Week: Here Are the Five Art Openings We’re Most Excited to See This Week. 

"In her essay 'Eyes Without A Face,' Eileen Isagon Skyers portrays technology as an illusionary comfort that could slip out from underneath us at any moment. "The relationship is one-sided, requiring only that we engage continuously with a luminous, manufactured surface that does not, and could not, reciprocate our empathy," writes the Pacific Northwest College of Art-educated New York artist. The essay traces our desire to fuse the digital world with our own reality, from the trash can icon on your desktop to Siri and AI. But like the essay that it takes its name from, Skyers' multimedia exhibit is intended more as an open-ended inquiry than a forecast of doom."

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